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Revit BIM Sofware

Gray West Construction has the necessary skills and experience to successfully complete projects using BIM, which has improved productivity and coordination with our specialty subcontractors and allowed us to provide better records for our customers.

Revit BIM Sofware

The construction industry is constantly changing. At Gray West Constrcution, we pride ourselves on remaining on the forefront of the newest trends and technological advances. Building Information Modeling (BIM) is a tool that’s revolutionized the industry.

BIM is an integrated technology platform that combines architectural drawings, shop drawings and equipment manufacturer’s information to create a 3D model outlining a building’s size, shape and the location of various building components.

There are many benefits of BIM, including reduced costs and increased productivity, efficiency and deliver speed. BIM’s clash detection feature allows us to determine early on or at any stage in the process, possible conflicts in the location of beams and walls with systems such as HVAC, electrical or plumbing.

The 3D building model created using BIM has multiple uses

  • Specialty subcontractors use the model to import structural, mechanical and electrical components.
  • Construction managers use the model to perform phasing analysis and constructability reviews.
  • All project participants use the model as a visual tool to better understand the intent of the design.
  • Since manufacturer’s data for products and equipment are embedded into the objects in the model, information for operations and maintenance can be accessed directly in the model instead of having to flip through thick binders with cut sheets and diagrams.
  • When a building is completed, the model can be given to a customer as a tool for operation and maintenance instead of stacks of drawings and binders.

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