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Design Build

Design Build

When you choose the design-build delivery method, you select a single company who will be responsible for the architecture and construction of your entire project. That firm provides all necessary services and is solely accountable for price, schedule, quality – and your satisfaction.


This integrated approach can decrease schedules as well as budgets.

The “traditional” approach to designing and constructing a facility involves separately hiring the architect and engineer, general contractor and construction manager. With that approach, the A/E firm completes the project design, and then passes the plans to the owner, who in turn takes bids on those plans from general contractors. This process takes several months, during which no actual price for the facility is known. Plans often have to be returned to the architecture firm for revisions, extending schedules and increasing costs.

Gray West Contruction’s design-build services include: 

  • Master planning
  • Programming and feasibility studies
  • Scheduling
  • Estimating and cost control
  • Quality Management System (QMS)
  • Procurement
  • Construction
  • Construction management

Advantages of the design-build approach

Price is guaranteed early

Project cost can be set before detailed design is complete since our experienced estimators are working closely with the architecture team from the initiation of the project. And, design-build firms must “do it right the first time” in order to meet the guaranteed price.

Liability and risks are reduced, while quality is enhanced

Constant communication between architects and builders results in a well-balanced, high quality design that works on paper and in the field—eliminating the owner’s liability and risk of additional costs due to architecture errors or omissions.

Time and money are saved

Design-build allows for fast track scheduling. Construction activities begin before architecture and construction drawings are complete, resulting in faster delivery of the project and earlier production start-up.

Value engineering throughout the project

Having all groups involved from the beginning of the project to completion can optimize cost, schedule and quality. Together, architects, engineers and construction managers can foresee problems or opportunities for cost savings early, making the entire process, and resulting facility, more efficient.

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