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Our Safety Triangle

In order to proactively prevent accidents and fatalities, we focus on preventing even the smallest incidents.

Our safety triangle is an illustration of how we measure and track our safety performance. Our philosophy focuses on preventing all incidents, thereby eliminating more severe incident and/or injuries. By doing so, we also preserve the quality of life for all workers on our projects.

Safety training, integrity of safety devices, lock-out/tag-out procedures, mobile equipment rules, specific interventions (if required), measurable safety goals and stringent monitoring will be part of the project. While Gray West Construction’s field team carries the responsibility to ensure that safety requirements are met – from checking hard hats to fall protection – we are all responsible for safety, at all times.

We are dedicated to the safety of each person, including team members, our subcontractors, our customers, and everyone of our jobsites across the nation. We use a pre-qualification process to evaluate and measure each subcontractor’s safety performance verified by our safety department. We have created a Culture Driven Safety Orientation Program that all employees and subcontractors must attend, along with a specific foremen orientation video. Our commitment to the goal of zero incidents has produced a dramatically low EMR compared to our peers in the industry.  Here at Gray West Construction, we are honored and proud of our achievements in safety; yet, we’re never content with our safety performance and are always striving to create a safer workplace. Our safety results speak for themselves, but coupled with reductions to overall risk and a reduction of jobsite impacts, ultimately makes each project safer from start to finish. 

A Personal Commitment to Safety

“Safety is never achieved by accident. It is the result of focused intention, the sincere effort of like-minded people, skillful execution, and the ability to see challenges as opportunities for improvement.”

David Malec
Field Operations Manager

Project Specific Environmental, Health and Safety Program Development

We are never content with our safety performance. As on all Gray West projects, we will develop an environmental, health and safety plan that uses our fundamental policies as its foundation, but then customize it for your specific project. In addition, where applicable, we will integrate with the customer environmental, health and safety philosophies, requirements and build a rock-solid, best-in-class environmental, health and safety plan that can be used at the project site.

Safety Training Requirements

At Gray West, we believe that education and training is a great start to eliminating hazards on the jobsite and reducing everyone’s risk. All Gray West Construction field professionals will attain OSHA 30 certification along with completing many other job applicable safety trainings. It is our goal that everyone goes home every day safely; and education is a great step to making that happen.

Areas of Focus for Each Project

Training requirements that meet or exceed those set by the customer for Gray West team members and subcontractors.

Job-specific orientation including both site specific information and general construction safety expectations.

Daily pre-planning with subcontractors targeting specific tasks to recognize and manage safety hazards using our Gray Safety Analysis (GSA) and Tool Box Talks.

Internal, weekly safety calls with our local team and all Gray West site managers and management staff to discuss the week’s events, industry issues and key awareness topics.

All subcontractor incidents are tracked over the course of the project and reported monthly.

Subcontractors will be required to attend weekly site safety meetings.

Safety Auditing and Compliance System

Our company-wide auditing and compliance system includes a safety auditing component which allows our site staff to perform safety audits and issue non-compliance notices in real-time as part of their normal site functions. The system also allows for tracking and reporting of non-compliance notices based on contractor, individual craft worker or project-wide.

Pre-Planning Using the Gray West Safety Analysis System

Similar to a cause and effect analysis system, we use an approach to identify potential conditions that require the utmost attention to details and potential unsafe conditions. Examples include rigging for equipment and steel lifts, shoring for open excavations, confined space entry and other activities that could pose above average safety concerns. We will also develop a site-wide safety plan that will be used as a baseline for all ongoing safety discussions, training sessions and daily pre-planning meetings.

The Project Hazard/Risk Assessment and Incident Management Plan, demonstrates how Gray West will control the risks faced by the employees on this project. It identifies areas of potential safety concerns for all work activities at the site including basement/underground construction activities, hoisting techniques for varying building types and elevated work, to name a few.