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Services that Gray West Offers

General Contracting


Project Planning

Site Development Studies, Preliminary Design and Cost Budgeting


Manufacturing In-Plant Services

Construction Management


Specialty Contracting

Site Work, Site Utilities, Concrete Foundations, Site Concrete

Renovation Interior Fit-Up

We believe that value engineering and constructability are interrelated and we always approach the project with these issues in mind. Our extensive experience will play an integral role as our team assists the architect and design consultants in evaluating design options such as site development, structural systems, building material alternatives, finishes, MEP alternatives and other approaches that will contribute to the maximum utilization of the project budget.
The optimum time to involve us in the project is prior to the start of design development. At this point, design changes can be implemented without increasing costs of the design process. Allowing us to perform a Value Engineering and Constructability Review, as we have for many clients, will help us identify innovative solutions to potentially complex design challenges.


ROM Budgets

Feasibility Studies


Constructability Review

We will review design documents for constructability, value engineering opportunities, scheduling conflicts, and document development. As insight is gathered from the review, pertinent comments will be documented and relayed to the design consultant for incorporation into the design documents. 

Value Engineering

While value engineering can occur at any stage of the project, Gray West will engage in the process early on to ensure adequate time is given for the evaluation of major equipment and long lead items. Our goal will be to identify alternatives early on during the design phases and offering the best value to maximize savings for this project through the following phases:

  • Evaluation/Analytical Phase: The team evaluates the alternatives to determine those with the greatest potential for cost savings and project enhancement.
  • ROM Budgets

LEAN Execution

Gray West Construction believes in maximizing value and minimizing waste. We believe in planning and planning again and executing once. We offer Value by understanding the customer’s needs beyond the plans and specifications. We engage our team, subs and suppliers to produce a Value Stream and map out steps to eliminate steps that do not add value. We sequence the work with complete buy-in from all trades to create a flow driven by continuous communications. Flow helps pull the schedule along. Preplanning, elimination of waste and efficient movement mean on time delivery of your projects.

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